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SalesSift for Foreign Exchange

Some of the top FX firms use SalesSift to enhance their lead-sourcing and boost their sales.

Foreign Exchange sales are all about engaging with the most relevant businesses in the most relevant way.

SalesSift allows you to find new companies that have the strongest currency requirements.

Armed with the knowledge of how your current customers operate and the challenges they are facing, you can approach similar businesses in a much more relevant way.

FX Benefits:

Leads found exclusively on our platform

Our primary data source is business websites, allowing you to discover truly unique prospects that you would likely not discover in static B2B lists, or human-curated data sets.

Import/export data

Businesses with many different imports and exports are likely to be buying and selling in different currencies, making them ideal candidates for FX services. Use our Import Export Tool to identify them.

Financial data.

Discoverable for many UK-based businesses, so that you can quickly decide how compelling their FX needs may be.

Truly global.

SalesSift returns suggestions of businesses across the globe, with the ability to drill-down to specific countries.

More receptive leads.

Because it is unlikely that the same results will be shown to different users of the platform, the businesses returned will often be totally unique for you. This is in contrast to static B2B lists or databases, where the same people will have been sold to dozens of times before.


Questions about how to make the most of SalesSift for your FX lead-sourcing?

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