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A new way to find relevant, undiscovered leads.

SalesSift suggests the best companies to sell to.

Our machine-learning algorithm recommends the most similar businesses to your existing clients.

Simply enter the web address of your best customer or an ideal lead, and the platform will discover dozens of similar organisations.

Alternatively, enter a few keywords that summarise the type of business you are searching for, and our algorithm will find the closest matches.

Filter down by company attributes, or let our worldwide data find you new clients from across the planet.

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Enter the url of a typical customer:

We will find other companies just like them.

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e.g. "furniture", "fruit", "legal", "finance"


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Focus your sales efforts on relevant leads only.

Because SalesSift returns the companies that are most similar to your existing customers, these businesses will have a strong propensity to purchase from you.

Improve your conversion rate.

By approaching businesses similar to your existing client base, you can relate to their problems more and make a far more targeted introduction.

Discover leads that you won't find elsewhere.

SalesSift returns leads based upon relevancy to sales; not on where they rank in Google. Our primary data source is every corporate website in existence, meaning we expose businesses you won't find on Google or in human-curated lists.

Target fresh and unique leads.

Unlike purchased B2B lists that have been sold to countless others, each SalesSift user will discover unique businesses, eliminating the problem of duplicate-selling (i.e. your competitors selling to the same people).

Use SalesSift instantly.

We don't require any setup at all. In fact, try it out for free right now.

Use Cases:

1. For Foreign Exchange Firms:

Find businesses with strong FX needs, for example, companies with frequent imports and exports. Find out more

2. For Software and IT providers:

The SalesSift recommendation platform suggests global businesses, allowing firms less strictly restricted by geography to expand their sales across the planet.

3. For Developers:

Integrate with our API to use our recommendation engine and data in your own application.

4. For Recruiters:

Find companies (and, in turn, candidates) in a specific industry niche.

And many more...

Lead-sourcing is almost universally applicable across all industries and if you have a question about how best to use SalesSift in your sector, please do get in touch.

How does it work?

Under the hood, SalesSift uses machine learning and web crawling techniques to understand and profile millions of companies on a regular basis.

We extract publicly available information about companies, which then powers our search functionality.

Have questions? Please do get in touch at info@salessift.com.

Interested in our API?

We have an API to make our service available to developers. If you would like access, please email us on info@salessift.com

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